Current Board of Directors

  • Council Chair - Fred Meier
  • Council Vice-Chair - Jim Hrichishen
  • Council Member - Michael Benarroch
  • Council Member - Gail Anderson
  • Council Member - Charles Henaire
  • Council Member - Lynn Zapshala-Kelln
  • Council Member - Ilana Dadds
  • Council Member - Jocelyn Baker

Board Composition

Council consists of at least seven members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council:

  1. the Dean of the Faculty of Management of the University of Manitoba or his or her designate from that faculty;
  2. a person nominated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Manitoba;
  3. a representative of consumer organizations in Manitoba; and
  4. at least three people who have demonstrated management or technical expertise.

The Crown Corporations Public Review and Accountability Act