Dear Directors,

Crown Corporations Council is is the process of transitioning to Crown Services but we continue to offer the Board Performance Training Program in the interim. Please click on the links below for current offerings.


Crown Corporations Council

Roles & Responsibilities of Effective Boards (Orientation)

Public boards, agencies and commissions have a significant role to play with respect to the success of their organizations. From legal to ethical, understanding the board’s roles and responsibilities are critical to the effectiveness of a board’s performance. This orientation session will also cover the public sector environment and the duties expected of directors. 

If you have recently been appointed to a board, this is the course the government recommends you take.


Upcoming Sessions

November 30, 201712:30PM – 4:00PMRegister
January 18, 201812:30PM – 4:00PMRegister
February 14, 201812:30PM – 4:00PMRegister
March 21, 2018 5:30PM – 9:00PMRegister

Financial Essentials for Directors

The goal of this course is to provide Board Chairs and Members a better understanding of financial information in the public sector that will help them to better fulfil their roles and responsibilities. We will look at the roles of Board members, management, the Audit Committee and the external auditors together with some fundamental concepts that are the basis for financial reporting. Using some simple examples we will look at each of the main financial statements including the notes to allow participants to become more comfortable with each of the statements. We will also look at some procedures and tools that can be applied to the statements to build on this information.

Suggested prerequisite: Roles & Responsibilities of Effective Boards (Orientation)

Upcoming Sessions

January 25, 201812:30PM – 4:00PMRegister
March 7, 201812:30PM – 4:00PMRegister

The Role of the Board in Risk Oversight

The board has a collective role when it comes to risk, which includes identification and oversight of relevant risks affecting the organization. What role does the board play when developing a risk culture, strategy, or appetite? How does the organization come up with metrics to monitor the identified risks, and who is responsible when things go wrong? This course will examine the risk oversight process, including the role of management, staff and the board.

This is a new course for 2016.

Upcoming Sessions

March 1, 201812:30PM – 4:00PMRegister

Special Topics in Governance: The Audit Committee

The focus of the course will be on the role of the Audit Committee and how it relates to the roles and responsibilities of the Board as a whole. We will discuss the audit function, both external and internal, fundamentals of Audit Committee membership and best practices. In addition to emerging issues, we will also examine the relationship between the Board, Management, and the Audit Committee. This course is intended for all Board members, not just those who serve on the Audit Committee.

Suggested prerequisite: Financial Essentials for Directors

Upcoming Sessions

March 20, 201812:30PM – 3:00PMRegister

Director Liability for Public Sector Boards, Agencies & Commissions

Do you think you are “bullet-proof” because you were told government has a blanket liability insurance policy for directors? Wrong! Think again! This workshop tells you the realities of liability for board members:

  • What are the sources of board member liability?
  • What protections are available for board members?
  • What should board members do when things go wrong?

This workshop is hosted by Tanya Brothers – Crown Counsel with Legal Services Branch of Manitoba Justice.

Upcoming Sessions

February 27, 201812:00PM – 1:30PMRegister

Board Evaluation & Governance Assessment

Board Evaluation & Governance Assessment How effective is your board? How do you know? One of the first steps is performing an effective evaluation of your current processes and performance. Examining your board practices and performance, as well as director self-evaluations, are all components of this important process. This course will review the rationale and purpose for performing board evaluations, coupled with an examination of some of the tools available for conducting analyses – including CCC's Director Competency Profile evaluation tool created by MNP. As well, we have invited the Office of the Auditor General of Manitoba (OAG) to provide some insights into this challenging aspect of board governance, and share key evaluation practices used in their governance assessments.

Note: Please bring samples of your board's evaluation/assessment tools (if you have any available to share).


Suggested prerequisite: Roles & Responsibilities of Effective Boards (Orientation)

Upcoming Sessions

March 14, 201812:30PM – 4:00PMRegister